Over 40 and need a reset?

Are you over 40, feeling tired, or finding that your body just isn’t functioning the way that it used to anymore? Perhaps you’ve been asked by your doctor or nutritional therapist to make changes to your diet and lifestyle, and you want to make these behavioural and habit changes, but you just haven’t been doing it. Because maybe you have a high-flying job, and you just haven’t the time or energy to fit it in. Yet you want to! And so you find yourself stuck like a hamster on a wheel, going around the same old vicious cycle of feeling too tired and too busy, with little energy and then beating yourself up for not doing the things you know are important – like looking after your health, especially because you know that, for women in particular, things start going downhill now you’re getting closer to 50. And just think… how might your not taking action on this be affecting how you show up at work? Your productivity? Your mental acuity?


If you refuse to accept the status quo and are ready to take charge of your health, I can help.


Let’s have a chat so you can get clarity around your health goals, exactly where your sticking points are and what your best next steps are. Book your Over 40/Turning 50 Reset Strategy Session with me by clicking here.

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